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Rock Cats Batting Cages Catch Fire



    Firefighters doused flames after the batting cages at Rock Cats Stadium in New Britain caught fire on Thursday. (Published Thursday, March 21, 2013)

    Three weeks before opening day for the New Britain Rock Cats, firefighters put out a fire at the team’s batting cages and the former team owner said it appears that some youths set the fire.

    Flames and smoke poured from the cages and the New Britain City Journal captured this video at the scene.

    Bill Dowling, who owned the team and sold much of the stake to an investment group, said some kids who were by the batting cages were apparently playing in the battling cages and lit small fires. One fire ignited the net and metal with fire and it quickly spread.

    Firefighters got the flames under control and contained it so it did not spread to any structures.

    Police have not yet released any information about the incident, but a crew from NBC Connecticut saw a youth in the back seat of a New Britain cruiser.