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Sandy Hook Commission Wants Investigation Details



    Sandy Hook Commission Wants Investigation Details

    For the first time since May 3 the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission met on Friday in Hartford.
    The two month break happened because of a lack of new information, according to commission chair Scott Jackson.

    "Frankly we're waiting for additional information as to what actually happened which would be included in the state police report," Jackson said.
    The group was put together by Governor Dannel Malloy to come up with recommendations in response to the school shooting which left 20 students and 6 educators dead.
    For months commission members have been hearing testimony on gun control, school safety and mental health but what they don't have are details about the investigation. Jackson said those details are critical for their work.
    "I think it will better define what actually happened," he said.
    The final police report has already been delayed several times with a possible release date of September. Jackson said that he understood investigators are trying to be thorough.
    But the commission said they need that information to have a better understanding of shooter Adam Lanza's mental state.
    "We talk a lot about mental health but we don't know any specifics of the shooter," Jackson said.
    Expect the commission to focus a lot on mental health in their recommendations. Some on the panel say it's an issue lawmakers only scratched the surface of.
    "There are many ambiguities and unresolved issues in the mental health legislation," Dr. Harold Schwartz, a commission member, said.
    Final recommendations should be completed by the end of the year.