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School Outraged Over Gay Slur Twitter Account

Tweets from the account were pulled down Monday night.



    School Outraged Over Gay Slur Twitter Account

    Ridgefield school officials are investigating an apparent cyber-bullying incident involving the social media site Twitter.

    On Monday, someone began tweeting from an account with a name that used a gay slur, according to Supt. Deborah Low.

    "The on-line behavior is disturbing and unacceptable," Low said in a letter to the Ridgefield Board of Education. "As educators, it is frightening to hear about cyber-bullying because we know what tragic impacts it can have. It is distressing to witness the level of ridicule and intolerance and it is unfathomable that some people use hateful and demeaning language."

    Low said she did not see the tweets from the account "@RHS***oftheday", because they had been removed from Twitter after an online backlash from other Ridgefield students and graduates.

    "The number of people who immediately banded together to express their outrage is heartening and impressive," Low said. "The voices of tolerance and respect were louder than the voices of intolerance and cruelty."

    The gay slur account followed a pattern of other accounts including "@RHSGirlProbs", "@RHSstudoftheday", "@RHSbabewatch" and others, according to Low.

    She said the school will support the victims who were targeted by the cyber-bullying and address the issue in classes, student life activities and through other programs.