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Seasonal Businesses Enjoying Late Snowfall



    Seasonal Businesses Enjoying Late Snowfall
    NBC Connecticut

    While some people in the state are fed up with the winter weather and ready for spring, others are relishing in the few extra flakes that have fallen this cold season.

    Seasonal businesses across the state like Ski Sundown are taking advantage of late snow fall. The New Hartford ski slopes are still open and welcoming skiers and snowboarders to enjoy the cold.

    “This is the first time I’ve skied this late in the season,” said Andy Hutchison.“We feel very fortunate, typically around St. Patrick’s Day, the snow is gone.”

    Last season, Ski Sundown had closed around this time. This year, with with more snow in the forecast, they could stay open until April.

    “It has been better than last year,” said Bing Lantz, with Ski Sundown. “I can’t really remember the last time we saw a good March snow,” Lantz said.

    More business at Ski Sundown has also meant more profits for businesses in New Hartford too.

    “If there’s snow, this restaurant is packed,” said Lindsay Low with Chatterly’s Café.

    Many skiers and snowboarders head to that restaurant after a day on the slopes and sales almost double if it was busy on the mountain.

    “If we can’t open the patio, keep the snow coming,” Low admitted.

    Nearly a half foot of snow was expected to fall overnight, so it could be a busy day in New Hartford on Tuesday.