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Senate Candidate Linda McMahon Resigns from Board of Education



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    Linda McMahon, Republican Senate candidate in Connecticut.

    Republican Senate candidate, Linda McMahon, resigned Thursday from the state Board of Education -- citing a new legal opinion by state elections officials that restricts political activities by board members, the Hartford Courant reports.

    McMahon, who has served on the board for just over a  year, said the new restrictions make it impossible for her to remain on the panel.  McMahon, former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, said she regrets having to quit the board.

    The legal opinion from the State Elections Enforcement Commission was issued last month and concerned another member of the board, reports the Courant.

    "Although the opinion does not preclude a board member from running for public office, it does disallow them from engaging in many of the activities that are necessary to be a successful candidate," McMahon said in her resignation letter to Gov. Jodi M. Rell.

    "The recent revelation of this rule has come as a surprise to me as well as to other members of the board," she wrote. "Therefore, in order to avoid any violation of this rule or even the appearance of a violation, it is with deep regret that I must immediately resign and relinquish my position on the board." 

    McMahon's nomination to the board was approved by lawmakers in February 2009 amid opposition from some members of the legislature who questioned the violent and sexually provocative content produced by the WWE, reports the Courant.