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Severe Weather Means Dangerous Travel



    Severe Weather Means Dangerous Travel

    Saturday's snowstorm made driving conditions dangerous all around Connecticut.
    Many motorists reported slippery conditions on the road.
    Nikita Greczkowski was driving her vehicle, when it slid, veered off the road and got stuck. A tow truck had to pick it up.

      "It was my first time driving in the snow....I had no idea it didn't have all-wheel drive, so I was pretty freaked out."
    Drivers all over Connecticut reported similar stories.
    "Coming home from work, I saw somebody plow into a pole....the car didn't look good," said Robert Turner.
    Paul Jordan, a tow truck driver, often rescues people during severe weather. He said people should stay off the roads.
    "It's dangerous. They need to stay home. I don't know why people aren't home already."
    The Department of Transportation advised people to slow down on the roads.
    "It's really dicey. I have to...just keep it real easy. Go about 20 miles an hour-- tops," said Robert Turner.
    As for Greczkowski, she hopes to be better prepared next time it snows heavily.  
    "I think I'll have to get new tires."