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Paving Problem Plagues Seymour Street



    Paving Problem Plagues Seymour Street

    A disaster: that’s how many describe a botched paving job outside their homes in Seymour. Now they’re demanding that the city fix the problem.

    If you drive down Patton Avenue in Seymour, the ride is hardly a smooth one.

    “Avoid it if you can it’s just a mess,” said Gina Haversat.

    Loose gravel is almost everywhere you look. Neighbors claim the rocks are dinging up their cars. “You never know what’s going to hit what,” explained Frank Loda.

    Then there is the oily tar that’s making a big mess. It’s leaving its mark on people’s tires – and the bottoms of their shoes too.

    “Everybody drags it into your house," said Haversat. "I’ve got marks on my dining room floor all over the hardwood floor.”

    According to the town, the problems date back to a paving job in the fall. A contractor was chip sealing, but the oil used for the project didn’t set.

    The First Selectman recently sent a letter to the neighbors explaining the issue and letting them know a solution is in the works.

    Within the next few days, the same contractor is planning to spread sand on the road to absorb the oil, which should solve the problem in the short term.

    “Which is going to be great until one of the kids comes down hits the brakes and hits the guard rail,” Loda said.

    Town leaders are working figure out a permanent fix, and they’re now asking for the public’s input.

    “It's a waste of money to do it over again to make the same mistake just pave it the right way,” Haversat explained.

    People who live here just want the mess cleaned up and a properly paved road.

    The First Selectman will hold a public meeting on the paving project on Thursday night at 7 p.m. at Town Hall.