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Sharon Couple's Insurance Reinstated After ACA Glitch



    Sharon Couple's Insurance Reinstated After ACA Glitch
    John and Dawn DiMarco posted this sign near their home to express frustration about being dropped from their Affordable Care Act plan.

    A Sharon couple says they are running out of options after being dropped from their Obamacare insurance plan.

    John and Dawn DiMarco signed up for an Affordable Care Act plan through the state health insurance exchange during open enrollment. They received their insurance card and were covered but their bill was thousands of dollars more than advertised.

    They spent weeks going back and forth with various state agencies and the insurance company to try and get answers. Then, this month, their carrier, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, sent them a cancellation notice.

    The DiMarcos have been so frustrated with trying to get answers that they posted a sign outside their home that reads: 'We have no insurance because Access Health has a computer glitch.'

    "It's stressful," said John DiMarco. "It's overwhelming."

    So why did this happen?

    NBC Connecticut contacted Access Health CT on Tuesday and they told us it has to do with a computer issue with their vendor.

    When DiMarco went back to change information during the enrollment process a new form was sent to the insurance company. That form omitted the couple's $1100 subsidy.

    "The reason why we were going to lose our insurance is because our tax credit was never loaded into our account," said DiMarco.

    Access Health confirmed that other consumers have experienced this issue. They have asked insurance companies not to drop customers while they try and fix it.

    "We sympathize with any consumer that is dealing with this," said Kathleen Tallarita, a spokesperson for Access Health CT. "We are working diligently to fix the problem."

    UPDATE: A spokesperson for Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield told NBC Connecticut Tuesday night that as soon as they learned they had inaccurate information related to DiMarco's subsidies, they contacted them immediately and reinstated them.

    "They are covered retroactively to their enrollment date," said Sarah Yeager, an Anthem spokesperson. "The member was able to get their prescriptions this evening."

    Access Health CT's customer service line is 1-855-805-HEALTH.

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