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Case of Shelton Teen's Death Classified a Homicide: Police



    Kristjan Ndoj, 15, died from injuries he suffered in a shooting in Shelton on Saturday night. (Published Thursday, March 20, 2014)

    A Shelton teen who was shot over the weekend has died, according to police.

    Kristjan Ndoj, 15, was shot twice in a driveway on Agawam Trail on Saturday after riding his bike to a friend’s house.

    Ndoj was taken to Bridgeport Hospital, where he was on life support. Police said this morning he has died.

    "Today, the Ndoj family suffered the horribly tragic loss of the passing of their beloved son Kristjan, a bright boy, a naturally gifted athlete, who seemed wise beyond his years, will be remembered by all who knew him for the sparkle in his bright green eyes," attorney Michael Boynton, spokesperson for the Ndoj family, said. 

    Lt. Bob Kozlowsky, of Shelton Police, said the case has been deemed a homicide investigation and authorities from several departments have been brought in to help with the case.

    "We brought on other agencies. Our detectives and investigators have been working around the clock. This is not something we deal with on a routine basis, so we brought in the expertise of other law enforcement agencies,"  Kozlowsky said.

    "Obviously, this is a very somber time for Shelton High School, the Shelton Public Schools and the entire Shelton community," Supt. Freeman Burr said.

    Dr. Beth Smith, headmaster of Shelton High School, said she learned from police of Kristjan's death and informed the school community this afternoon. The school will continue to provide counseling.

    "We send our thoughts of comfort  and sympathy to the Ndoj family, to my school community and to all those affected by this tragedy," she said. 

    Smith said through Twitter that all after-school activities are canceled for the day and the school will postpone the Mr. Student Body show.  

    Police said the person who shot Kristjan might have opened fire from the woods across the street to be concealed, according to investigators.

    Police are investigating several theories about the incident, one of which includes a possible death threat that was made against Ndoj a few days earlier.

    Authorities had said a girl’s boyfriend could be behind it.

    Today, police did not comment on specific details of the investigation, but the reports of threats are one of many angles they are investigating.

    No arrests have been made, and police have not say if they're any closer to finding the person responsible. On Thursday they wound not comment on any potential suspects.

    Boynton said the Ndoj family is confident that police will find the person responsible for the "senseless act of violence."

    Click here for a link to a fund set up by the community.