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Six Bridgeport Students Report Groping



    Police in Bridgeport say at least six girls have reported being groped. And now parents are concerned for their children's safety

    Police say the incidents have happened on the East side of the city near William Harding High School.

    "That's the wrong thing to do, that's not good you know," said Louis Figueroa, who was waiting for his 17 year old daughter to come out of Harding High Tuesday night.

    Figueroa said it was unsettling to think it's a place near where Bridgeport police say someone has groped six girls

    "Like I always say to her you gotta stick to yourself and get away from all that nonsense," said Figueroa.

    It's a pattern police are trying to stop. Investigators tell us all the incidents have happened in the span of a week in late March. All of them have happened on the East Side of the city, all at a time before school to girls between the ages of 13 and 18.

    "The kids are going to school trying to get an education here at Harding and you have people running around acting like maniacs," said Patricia Curtis, grandmother of a Harding student.

    Police tell us this began with a Harding HS student. She was walking by Marin High on her way to Harding when someone came up and inappropriately touched her.

    "We've asked students in the area if you can walk along the main road instead of taking a cut through," said Bill Kaempffer of Bridgeport Police.

    Investigators say two other Harding students have been groped along with 2 from Bullard Haven Technical School and one from Saint Andrew Academy. In response warning letters have gone home with students.

    "I like to bring her and pick her up that way I feel safe as well as her," said Curtis.

    Out of an abundance of safety police tell us they've stepped up patrols in the area of Harding as detectives continue to work this case and as Patricia Curtis waited for her granddaughter Tuesday night

    "Hopefully they'll catch whoever it is doing it," she added.

    Police are pursuing leads and going door to door in the area to see if there's any surveillance video. Again there's someone they're talking to but no arrests yet