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Snow and Ice on Cars is Both Dangerous and Illegal



    State police have issued 86 tickets since New Years Eve to drivers violating the "ice missile" law. (Published Thursday, Feb. 6, 2014)

    Many people have stories of driving behind tractor-trailers and having sheets of ice crash onto the highway in front of them – or worse, right into their lines of vision.

    "It just hit the windshield and scared me," said Aneasha Iverson of Waterbury.

    In an effort to prevent that from happening, Connecticut has adopted a law, nicknamed the "ice pellet" law, requiring snow and ice to be removed from all vehicles before they reach the highway. Violations are punishable by tickets of $120.

    Since New Year's Day, state police logged 86 such tickets. Sgt. John Netkovick wrote two early in the day Thursday, after a substantial storm dumped several inches on the state.

    "I found one car that had accumulated snow completely covering its rear window, and another with six to eight inches of snow on top of the car," Netkovick said.

    Authorities urge drivers to budget time to clear their cars and trucks after a storm.