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Soccer Fans React to USA v Portugal



    Soccer Fans React to USA v Portugal
    Young fans were excited to cheer on Team USA during Sunday's World Cup match.

    Soccer fans young and old kept their eyes glued to the TV watching the USA take on Portugal in their second match at the World Cup.

    At Chicago Sam’s in Cromwell, fans went wild when the USA scored a second goal, pulling ahead of Portugal.

    But it’s not just the bar crowd that’s invested in this game. At the Simsbury Farm Ice Rinks, young fans watched at an event organized by the Simsbury Soccer Club. Soccer Club President Tom Hayden said it was all about the excitement.

    “USA spirit, why else? This is great. This is great,” he said.

    Hayden estimated about 300 people attended the event, which sported a 27-foot outdoor screen to view the game.

    “We love the USA and we want to support it,” Sophie Schwinger of Simsbury said.

    Fans say that the game ending in a tie was a disappointment, but the increase in popularity makes up for it.

    “I get excited about soccer. I like how soccer is growing in the United States,” Andy Curtiss of Simsbury said.