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Stanadyne Employees Win 2nd Lottery

Two groups of workers from the same company win the different jackpots.



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    Two sets of lucky people from the same company win the lottery.

    A group of employees from a fuel innovation company in Windsor has won the lottery for the second time in six years.

    Last week, 20 co-workers from Stanadyne Corporation won a $1 million Powerball payout from the Connecticut Lottery. They collected their winnings Thursday from the lottery offices.

    The win marks the second time a group of co-workers from the company has won a large lottery payout. In April 2006, 16 other Stanadyne employees shared a $3.2 million Classic Lotto win.

    Diane Patterson, the Connecticut Lottery vice president of marketing and sales, describes the win as "lightning striking twice."

    Patterson said the group worked in a pool effort, with a different person buying lottery tickets twice a week. The winning Powerball ticket was purchased in Suffield, she said.