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State Begins Mosquito Management Program



    State Begins Mosquito Management Program

    The Connecticut Department of Public Health is working to combat one of summer’s most persistent pests: mosquitos.

    The state’s Mosquito Management Program is currently monitoring mosquitos across the state for the presence of viruses that can affect humans, including West Nile Virus (WNV) and eastern equine encephalitis virus (EEE).

    The mosquito trapping and testing program began on June 2nd and has been coordinated by the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station.

    To date, all tests have been negative.

    On top of current efforts, the program also released findings from the 2013 season. The results revealed that the first confirmed human case of EEE in a Connecticut resident took place in 2013.

    The infection was officially identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    “While rare, EEE is serious and underscores the importance of taking personal precautions to avoid mosquito bites,” said Department of Public Health Commissioner Dr. Jewel Mullen.

    Dr. Mullen went on to say that the DPH is preparing to advise Connecticut clinicians about the epidemiology of EEE and WNV, as well as potential options for testing patients for the diseases.

    The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station manages 91 mosquito-trapping stations in 72 municipalities across Connecticut.

    Those looking for more information are encouraged to visit the Connecticut Mosquito Management Program Web site at