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State Not Toasting "Drank"



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    A state official is not thrilled about you gripping and sipping yourself some cough-syrup substitute called "Drank."

    One advertising agency calls Drank a "major trend of 2010," but Connecticut officials aren't happy about the idea of the drink making its way into the state. 

    Drank is a commercial version of a recreational drink made from prescription-grade cough syrup and soda. Innovative Beverage Group sells this version, the legal variety of the concoction, nationally and it doesn't contain codeine or any prescription drugs.  

    The homemade version, however, can produce comatose-inducing effects, the Waterbury Republican-American reports.

    Now, Polar Beverages of Worcester, Mass. has signed a deal to distribute Drank in New England, but Connecticut's Consumer Protection Commissioner isn't sold on the product yet. 

    Jerry Farrell Jr. says the company hasn't registered Drank with the department's food division, the paper reports.

    "We need immediate compliance or inspectors will start embargoing the product," Farrell told the Republican-American.

    The product became available in Connecticut in December.