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State Police Crack Down on Memorial Day Weekend



    State Police Crack Down on Memorial Day Weekend
    State Police increase traffic enforcement on Memorial Day.

    State police have extra patrols out this holiday weekend to help keep highways safe.

    NBC Connecticut went along for the ride as Trooper Charles Lavoie patrolled I-84 in the Manchester area Sunday night.

    "In general just with more traffic you just have more of a chance of an accident occurring," said Lavoie.

    Lavoie clocked one driver going 100 miles an hour on I-84 westbound. He also caught her with a small amount of marijuana, which he said he could smell as he approached the vehicle.

    The driver received a misdemeanor court summons for reckless driving and was ticketed for the pot.

    "What we commonly see is speeding, unsafe lane changes and one of the important things is moving over for emergency vehicles," said Lavoie.

    Lavoie also clocked another driver going 85 miles an hour on I-84 eastbound and handed him a $299 ticket.

    With the increased traffic this holiday weekend, state police are urging drivers to slow down, stay sober, and buckle up.

    "Pay attention to what's going on the roadway and try to avoid the distractions in the car, as simple as playing with your radio or talking with your kids in the backseat. Try to focus on the roadway," said Lavoie.

    Besides using laser enforcement, troopers are also using unmarked non-traditional cars to patrol state roads and highways.

    As of 3:30 p.m. Sunday, troopers had responded to more than 261 crashes, including 44 with injuries, around the state over the weekend and issued more than 1600 tickets for speeding and seatbelt violations.