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Storm Damage Across the State

Today's storm left damage throughout the state.



    Residents across the state are cleaning up after a storm tore through many towns on Tuesday.

    The storm caused quite a bit of damage and there were some close calls.

    In Milford, debris is scattered on roads and streets were dark because of power outages. A tree came down on one man's property and the storm caused a small fire in a house.

    Firefighters said an appliance was on when the power went out. When power returned, the fire started.

    High Winds Took Down Powerlines and Limbs

    [HAR] High Winds Took Down Powerlines and Limbs
    Heavy rains and strong winds knocked down powerlines and tree limbs. Crews had to rescue people trapped in their truck by high voltage lines in Barkhamsted.
    (Published Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2012)

    The conditions were terrible for drivers who dealt with dangerous conditions. 

    "Its been terrible," Dan Bailey said. "There (were) branches down in the middle of the road."
    On South Road in Barkhamsted,  a tree tore down power lines, trapping people in a car. After a lengthy rescue, emergency crews got them out safely.
    To the south in Burlington,the George Washington Turnpike was closed for hours when a tree crashed down, took out a row of power lines and fell on top of a van that was trying to drive by. 
    No injuries were reported, but the impact was so strong it damaged the entire front end.
    There were more scares a few miles away in Bristol when a giant tree snapped in half on Stafford Avenue.