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Stratford Liquor Store Robbed at Gunpoint



    Stratford Liquor Store Robbed at Gunpoint

    Police are investigating after a Stratford liquor store was robbed at gunpoint Tuesday evening.

    According to police, a man dressed in all black walked into Barnum Discount Liquor at 2248 Barnum Avenue in Stratford, flashed a small black handgun and demanded money.

    An employee who was present at the time said he watched his coworker slowly open the cash register and hand over the money, bill by bill. All the while, a gun was pointed in his face.

    Police haven't said how much was taken, but store employees believe the robber stole between $600 and $700.

    "You do whatever they say," said an employee who witnessed the robbery. "You don't try and fight back. There's nothing you can do at that point, especially if they have a weapon in your face, so you just give them the money and you let them go on their way."

    The suspect is described as a black man standing about 6 feet 2 inches tall. Police said the suspect was wearing a mask and jeans.

    Police said the clerk did not appear to be injured.

    No additional information was immediately available. 

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