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Stray Bullets Nearly Hit Innocent Mother, Child



    Stray Bullets Nearly Hit Innocent Mother, Child

    Last week, cops surrounded Atlantic Condominiums in Bridgeport during a chase of suspect Michael Stinson who allegedly tried to break into an unmarked police car.

    Police chased him right into the front doorway of the complex where they say Stinson, 36, tried to hold off officers with a knife.

    “He was trying to get in through this door. My mom told me he was ringing like crazy,” said Katisha Ortega, who lives in the building.

    Tenants watched as police used a stun-gun on Stinson and yelled at him to drop the knife. When he lunged at officers, police say they opened fire.

    “He kept yelling and yelling and yelling, and there was no response” said Ortega.

    When police opened fire, there was a spray of bullets. The bullets went through the walls and into an apartment next door where a mother and child were. The bullet holes are still present.

    “For that lady, if you were here, you could imagine, mothers, fathers, you know how it feels. Just sitting at home, watching TV and for that to happen. Then to come outside. It was crazy!” said Ortega.

    Steffany Johnson lives across the hall from the mother and tried to keep her own child safe while the bullets were flying.

    “I was shocked. I was surprised and scared,” said Johnson.

    She says she hasn't spoken to her neighbor, but knows she is very shaken up.

    “They haven't been back ever since,” said Johnson.

    The incident is being investigated by Connecticut State Police.

    "We certainly understand her feelings. Police officers made every effort to subdue this armed suspect without resorting to using firearms," said Bridgeport Police spokesman Bill Kaempffer in a statement.