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Students Expelled Over Twitter Posts

West Haven High School students have been arrested and expelled over posts on Twitter.



    Two West Haven High School students accused of making threats on Twitter have been charged and expelled from school.

    Sgt. Dave Tammaro told the New Haven Register that teachers found the tweets earlier this month and a junior and a sophomore posted them. Police said the posts did not appear to be linked to each other.

    Police said the junior posted several messages about placing a bomb in a locker and the sophomore is accused of sending a tweet about shooting himself and other people.

    The names of the students have not been released. Tammaro told the paper they both face felony charges.

    Two Students Expelled Over Tweets

    [HAR] Two Students Expelled Over Tweets
    Two students at West Haven High School have been expelled over posts made on Twitter. Police said none of threats made were deemed credible. Parents were alerted of the situation through the school's weekly flyer.
    (Published Tuesday, May 22, 2012)

    He said the students' homes were searched and no weapons were found. Police told the Register that paper both students said their tweets were meant to be jokes.

    Parents learned about the incident in the weekly school newsletter.

    "I can imagine, as a parent of a teenager of course, it would be hard they have all these mobile devices now you have no control over their security," Crystal Cohen, a parent, said.

    A police officer working on the case said all parents should be watching what their children are doing on social media sites.