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Facebook Pervert Targets Students: Cops

Middle school students asked to record themselves having sex



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    Cops say a European man has been friending Wolcott middle school students.

    Tyrrell Middle School students are the target of a cyber creep whose been asking them to record themselves having sex and then send the videos to him.

    The man, who identifies himself as living in the European country of Latvia, has contacted nearly 100 students from Wolcott via Facebook and is friends with dozens of them, the Republican American reports.  He's communicating with both girls and boys.

    School officials believe he might have come across one of the students through an online article and researched her to find her Facebook page. 

    Many of the students misrepresented themselves on their Facebook pages by claiming they are 18 years old. 

    Police say he likely doesn't pose a threat to any of the students and hasn't initiated any sexual contact with any of the students, but police are still recommending that students avoid contact with him.