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Students help Clear Snow From Driveways



    Students help Clear Snow From Driveways
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    Shoreline cities like New Haven and towns like Waterford are still trying to clear away snow even as more snow falls overnight.
    No matter how much falls each town says it's prepared and some have more help than others.
    "You feel good helping your community and helping people who can't help themselves around town you get something out of it," said Austin Miner, a senior at Waterford High School.
    He helped shovels driveways in and around town. Not only did he get community service hours out of it but he says he gets the satisfaction of knowing he's helping those who can't shovel, especially with more snow overnight.

    "They were like can we tip you?" Miner said, referring to the people whose driveways he worked on. "Can we give you hot chocolate? All sorts of things. One lady gave us a pie and some cookies and they were real nice about it."

    Waterford Police Chief Murray Pendleton says things have gotten mostly back to normal here though it's been slow. Residents have had issues with driveways and sight lines like this one. More accumulation is not welcomed but something they'll deal with.

    "We've got the kids back to school, we've got the major roads open," Pendleton said. "And thanks to the 40 degree weather a lot of snow has disappeared."

    Erin Eccleston is the program coordinator for Waterford Youth Services. They helped the city get some of the roads that plows couldn't get to by having high school students like Austin pitch in.
    "I believe they get a lot of personal satisfaction out of helping the community," Eccleston said.
    "Helping these senior citizens do something they wouldn't normally do."