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Stun Gun Bill Awaits Gov. Malloy's Approval



    Stun Gun Bill Awaits Gov. Malloy's Approval
    Connecticut police departments may have new regulations soon on reporting stun gun usage on the job.

    Fourteen people have been killed by stun guns in the state since 2005, according to the Connecticut branch of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

    In an effort to prevent that number from growing, legislators have put forth a bill requiring Connecticut police departments to track their officers’ stun gun usage.

    “It will be the first law in the country to mandate that police track and report Taser firings,” David McGuire, staff attorney for the ACLU.

    According to McGuire, the reports will include things like the amount of times a person was subdued by a stun gun, the race and gender of the person the device was used on and the mode which was used to stun them.

    “This will give the legislature and the public an idea of how Tasers are being used in Connecticut,” McGuire said.

    Cromwell Police Chief Anthony Salvatore sees no problem with the new law and says he is already keeping track for his department.

    “I can’t speak for the state, but I know a lot of chiefs do. In Cromwell we track our use of force,” he said.

    The bill has passed in the state House and Senate and now awaits Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s signature.