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Suffield Police 'Arrest' Chuckles the Groundhog After False Early Spring Prediction



    Suffield Police 'Arrest' Chuckles the Groundhog After False Early Spring Prediction
    Suffield Police Department
    Suffield police "arrested" Chuckles VIII in connection to her apparently false prediction about an early spring.

    OK, Chuckles, you have some explaining to do. Where's spring? 

    Days after Chuckles VIII predicted an early spring, much of Connecticut was hit with a snowstorm. So Suffield police are calling her out and bringing the groundhog to justice in a way that has us all, well, chuckling.

    Chuckles may not have seen her shadow, but Suffield police announced in a humorous post on Facebook that she is seeing possible jail-time for her alleged false prediction.

    "***Arrest Made***Chuckles VIII was arrested on 2/6/16 by warrant. Chuckles is being charged with violating C.G.S. 53a-157a; False Statement 1st, for events that took place on 2/2/16. Chuckles is being held at the Suffield Animal Control lockup while he awaits trial, if convicted Chuckles could face up to 6 weeks," Suffield police quipped on Facebook Friday. 

    The post was published on a snowy day with slippery roads, following the police department's gripes about the ground hog's misleading forecast. 

    "Roads are pretty ugly right now, the town and state are working tirelessly to clear them but it'll take some time," Suffield police posted Friday on Facebook. "If you don't have to be on the roads we encourage you to stay home. We will deal with Chuckles later."

    Now, Suffield police have turned their joke into a way of raising money for the Lutz Children's Museum in Manchester, where Chuckles made her prediction. How? By helping post her $10,000 bond in a campaign they are promoting as #FREECHUCKLES. 

    "*** Bond Posted*** The Suffield Police Department has been flooded with calls and messages about the recent arrest of Chuckles VIII. To answer the common question, being asked, yes Chuckles has a Bond! A $10,000 bond. The Lutz Children's Museum is representing Chuckles as her legal team. Anyone wishing to donate to assist with Chuckles' immediate release can do so in the link below," Suffield police posted. 

    You can donate to the Lutz Children's Museum by clicking here

    So far, $150 of the $10,000 goal has been raised. Suffield police note the money will actually go to the museum.