Summer Weather for Picking Apples, Searching for Pumpkins

The leaves are turning, with many starting to fall to the ground, but it feels more like summer than fall.

Some people were in flip flops Thursday and others were in boots.

Some wore long sleeves, while others, like Mary Lee Meter said it was too hot for that.

“I have my tank top, and my shorts and my sandals,” said Meter.

Meter and her friend Darrin Schneider were walking along Harbor Park in Middletown in outfits for completely different seasons.

“My fall attire, but not really, because I have the short sleeve shirt on. I’m usually in jeans,” said Schneider.

In the heat of the day, temperatures reached the low 80s in Middletown and Middlefield.

Morgan Deprey, who was Lyman Orchards, said she is used to picking her apples when it’s a little cooler.

“Usually people are out like taking their pictures for Instagram in their flannels and you know, you’re wearing warmer weather clothing, but I’m dying in these jeans right now,” said Deprey. “Everyone is wearing tank tops, shorts, sandals.”

From apple picking to pumpkin picking – it doesn’t get more fall than that. Though Courtney Wahl, who was searching for the perfect pumpkin, begs to differ.

“Pretty much feels like the middle of summer. But we’re OK with that. We’ll hold on to the nice weather as long as we can,” said Wahl.