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Sunday Sales Prove to be Challenge for Some



    Sunday Sales Prove to be Challenge for Some

    Nearly one year after Governor Dannel Malloy signed a bill allowing Sunday sales of liquor the law remains a challenge for many small package stores across the state.

    Peter Carpenter owns The Village Wine Cellar in Litchfield. Since the law went into effect he's opened his doors 10-3 on Sundays. While he heard many promises that it would increase business, Carpenter says the law has done the opposite.
    "No, this law hasn't helped," Carpenter said. "There's some convenience for the customer and I understand that."
    Instead of a boost in sales at Carpenter's store, six days of business is now just spread out over seven with the added cost of overhead.
    "My business is fairly flat," Carpenter said. "I'm not down but I've got more costs. I'm not particularly up."
    The law has been hailed by customers who said the state was long overdue for the change. Border stores have also praised the new law.
    "For me it's a lot better because for me a Sunday is like another Friday," Angie Nguyen, the owner of State Line Package Store, said.
    Nguyen's Enfield store actually has a leg up over her Massachusetts competition on Sundays. She opens two hours before stores across the border can.
    "Now I get my people in Connecticut and Massachusetts people to come over and get liquor at 10 o'clock," Nguyen said.