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Superheroes Wash Windows at Children's Hospital



    These superheroes stopped to visit patients at the Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital, then repelled down the side of the building to wash windows. (Published Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2013)

    It's not every day that 13-year-old Ivelise Feliciano gets a visit from Superman.

    But today when she looked out her window at Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital, that's what she saw: Superman, Spiderman and Captain America washing windows.

    “I'm going to see all of the superheroes,” said Feliciano.

    They came to the hospital Wednesday morning for double duty, first to spend time inside with the children, giving them little gifts to use during their stay.

    “The kids are what make the world go round, and it's a beautiful thing to help out kids and help them feel better, because they've got plenty of reasons not to feel good," said Mark Shannon, who played the part of Superman. "A smile on a kid's face warms their heart, warms our hearts too."

    The superheroes then took on their second task of washing windows on the hospital building. After all, even superheroes need day jobs.

    “We do this kind of work every day, and when you add all this gear, it created a couple of complications, but nothing compared to the complications these kids are dealing with every day," said Mike Garber, otherwise known as Batman. "So if we can do anything to brighten their day, we're happy to help.”

    The superheroes were a hit, providing a little excitement on what would have otherwise been just another day at the hospital.

    “For a child to be able to look out the window and actually see a superhero coming down the side of a building to clean a window is a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” said Jeannette Hodge, who serves as the hospital's director of patient relations.