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Suspect in Store Homicide Charged



    Suspect in Store Homicide Charged

    New Haven police made an arrest in the shooting death of a store clerk.

    Investigators said Milton Daniels Jr., 20, of Harding Pl., is behind the robbery-turned-homicide that happened last month on Orchard St.

    Daniels is accused of walking into the Orchard Market, robbing it, then shooting Abdul Ghani El-Rawas, 55, twice. El-Rawas died from his injuries.
    "It's a senseless crime to take someones life for 40, 50 dollars," said Robert Durham.

    Police said surveillance photos and evidence obtained from Daniels' home linked the suspect to the crime.

    "I don't know if he did it or not, but it still has to be proven. But, if he did do it, I'm glad they caught him," said George Robinson.

    Satish Patel, a store clerk who works near the crime scene told NBC Connecticut he was also glad a suspect was caught, because the shooting had him on edge.

    "I had to minimize my hours...I had to watch every person who walked in...even if it's a good person or a bad person."

    Daniels has been charged with murder and felony murder. He's scheduled to be arraigned in court next week.