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Task Force Deadline Passes



    Task Force Deadline Passes

    State lawmakers on the Bi-Partisan Task Force on Gun Violence Prevention and Children's Safety had originally said they wanted to have proposals ready to go by the end of February, but it looks like that self-imposed deadline won't be met.

    "The blizzard set us back a couple days but now there's no excuse," Sen. Donald Williams, a co-chair of the task force, said.
    Williams says he would like to see quick action on gun control legislation.
    "I'm hopeful to see a bill in early to mid-March," Williams said. Whether it's a bi-partisan deal, remains to be seen.
    Governor Dannel Malloy decided not to wait for the task force. Last week he unveiled his own plan which includes a ban on so-called assault weapons as well as high capacity magazines.
    This week his administration met with the state's gun manufacturers.
    "The gun manufacturers have a lot of expertise on guns and how they're manufactured and how they're marketed," Mike Lawlor, the Undersecretary of Criminal Justice, said.
    Lawlor said the meetings went well.
    But some state lawmakers could be nervous that gun makers could leave the state if tougher regulations are passed.
    "I think the lawmakers are concerned about if they pass certain bills the gunmakers will move out of the state," Robert Crook of the Coalition of Connecticut Sportsmen, said.