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Tenants Fed Up with Mold in Their Apartments



    Tenants Fed Up with Mold in Their Apartments
    Tenants say these black mold spots line the inside of their apartment walls.

    Tenants of The Pavilions in Manchester have pictures showing spots of black mold inside the walls of their apartments. The insulation, now torn away, was filled with water, which leaked in from the ice dams outside the building. The combination was an unhealthy mix for Patrick McCaffrey.

    "It's actually given me a respiratory infection, ear aches, my stomach has been a mess," said McCaffrey.
    His two dogs have also been sick since contractors came in and ripped the wall down inside his apartment. That was a month ago. Since then they haven't been back; they've only left the area in a sheet of plastic with a dehumidifier running.
    "I'm spending all my time in the bedroom. The dogs are in the bedroom, I'm in the bedroom, I eat on my bed," said McCaffrey.
    McCaffrey isn't alone. In all, tenants say about 400 units have been affected by the water damage.
    "There's mold here," said Jay Lewis, another tenant.
    Lewis says his six-month-old has had respiratory issues, too. His family, like many others, has been frustrated by lack of a response by the complex owner, Northland Investment Corporation.
    "There's a constant draft, a constant smell, it's cold. It's just not a livable condition. It's not," said Lewis.
    In a statement, Northland Vice President William Thompson said, "The safety and well-being of all of our residents has been our top priority. We are doing all that we can to minimize the disruptions to the families at the Pavilions and make those who have been affected as comfortable as possible."
    Thompson goes on to say that the company has had contractors out working on the repairs, and all roofs will be replaced by the end of the year. Northland is also providing alternative arrangements for its tenants, like hotel stays, relocations and rental credits. Tenants say that hasn't been the case with all of them, but they hope this is the start of a resolution.
    "The people here at the Pavilions would welcome some help, and really would like to see some of those offers made," said Lewis.