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Texas Governor Hopes to "Rustle Up" CT Jobs



    Texas Governor Hopes to "Rustle Up" CT Jobs
    Texas Gov. Rick Perry visited Connecticut Monday in an effort to lure gun manufacturers down south.

    Once makers of the gun that won the west, Colt's Manufacturing in West Hartford has plenty of firearms to lure the governor of Texas. Rick Perry wants to lure Colt's out of its home state.

    "You're going to be most comfortable in a place where you get to keep more of what you work for," Gov. Perry told reporters after his visit to Colt's.

    Gov. Dannel Malloy appeared at Max Downtown in Hartford to welcome Perry despite the Texan's declaration of competition.

    "We want him to understand what good Yankee hospitality is," Malloy told reporters outside the restaurant.

    Perry called Malloy "civil" and hoped he had been civil too. "Civility in Politics" is the subject of a lecture Perry is due to give in Stamford.

    He said his visit is the "early stages" of a long process of luring businesses. Perry said in his view of the world, if Texas competes with Connecticut and captures business, it makes the whole country stronger.

    Speaking of the whole country, Perry, whose 2012 presidential campaign ended before the Connecticut primary, said that "2016 will take care of itself."

    Colt's called Perry's visit cordial and informal.