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Texas Governor Wants Connecticut's Jobs

Rick Perry will be in Connecticut next week to court jobs



    Texas Governor Wants Connecticut's Jobs
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    Texas Gov. Rick Perry is coming to Connecticut, hoping to lure companies from our state to his.

    Texas Governor Rick Perry wants Connecticut's jobs and he's coming to the state to prove it.

    Perry will stop in Connecticut next week to meet with business leaders.

    Ahead of his visit two 30-second TV ads began running on stations in the state and in neighboring New York. The spots cost $1 million and are being paid for by TexasOne.

    The governor will spend four days with leaders in the pharmaceutical, financial and firearms industries.

    Connecticut's commissioner of economic and community development said she is not worried.

    "We've taken the higher road which is to really work on making sure that the businesses that we have in this state know what the options are to grow here," Catherine Smith, said.

    It's no secret that Connecticut's gun manufacturers have been looking to leave the state ever since lawmakers passed tough new gun measures.

    On May 31, a South Carolina state lawmaker paid a visit to several gun makers.

    Gov. Perry is touting what he calls Texas' business friendly environment. On the website www.texaswideopenforbusiness.com there are pages that compare state-to-state.

    Perry's very public wooing of Connecticut companies is not an approach Smith said they agree with.

    "We're really not in this mode of going out and really trying to recruit so heavily," Smith said. "Our workforce is one of the most productive work forces in the United States. Do you pay a little more for it? Yeah, you actually do, but it's probably worth it at the end of the day."

    Gov. Perry will visit the region Sunday June 16 through Thursday June 20.