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Thieves Target Hartford Business Twice in One Week

CS&C Construction Company has been targeted by burglars again.



    Thieves Target Hartford Business Twice in One Week

    A Hartford man is on edge after his construction business was burglarized twice in one week.

    The CS&C Construction Company on Meadow Street was targeted twice this past week and the company’s owner is concerned that whoever is behind the crimes will strike again and put his business in jeopardy.

    “In the last seven days, we’ve been broken into twice, and we’ve had a significant amount of tools and equipment that were lost,” said Jonathan Irace.

    Thousands of dollars worth of equipment was taken.

    “We’re figuring somewhere around $18,000,” said Irace.

    Irace said the thief or thieves cut through a fence, broke into a shed and wiped him out.

    “They took just about every hand tool and power tool that we had,” he said.

    Days later, his office was targeted.

    “Someone came back in again and took a considerable amount of more tools and equipment,” he said.

    The stolen equipment was vital to Trace’s business. He said that not having those tools handy might set him back.

    “We’re hoping very much that we’re going to be able to recover some of that stuff,” Trace said.

    Trace reported the burglaries to police, but he’s still concerned that thieves will make a third trip to his business, so he said he will do what it takes to protect his property.

    “We are probably going to have to hire private security,” he said.

    The Hartford Police Department is investigating, and has alerted pawn shops about the stolen equipment.

    No arrests have been made in the case.