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Third Wave of Swine Flu Possible



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    Middletown handed out anywhere from 300 to 400 swine flu vaccinations.

    The worst of the swine flu outbreak in the United States seems to be over, but health officials say the pandemic needs to be monitored for at least another six to twelve months. That's why on Wednesday, Middletown held another swine flu clinic to give out free vaccinations.

    "Even though the number of cases in town have been decreasing remarkably, we expect there might be a third wave," said Dr. Joseph Havlicek, Middletown's Health Director.
    While there was a shortage of the vaccine a couple of months ago, there's now enough vaccine to go around. The Middletown clinic handed out anywhere from 300 to 400 doses to people of all ages.
    "We definitely kept our ears open when clinics were running and took the first opportunity that was available," said Jennifer Leavitt of Haddam.
    "It's important because the virus is dying down somewhat in the news and media. I know that it is still a threat, and my son is in daycare, so we feel its really important to keep him vaccinated and my husband and I as well," said Jackie Terry of Middletown.
    Dr. Havlicek says everyone should get the vaccination, especially children and those at risk for complications.
    "Anybody under the age of 24 is at risk for getting complications; pregnant women are especially prone; people with heart disease diabetes; those are the type of people we want to make sure get it, but even if you are 65 or older you should be getting it," said Dr. Havlicek.
    Dr. Havlicek hopes this clinic, like others held around Middletown, will help prevent another swine flu outbreak. He says it's possible that Connecticut will see the third wave of the virus in the next month.