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Thousands Ride Through Newtown to Raise Money



    Thousands Ride Through Newtown to Raise Money
    Thousands attended the Green Ribbon Ride in Newtown on Sunday.


    The outpouring of support continues for Newtown, almost five months after the school shooting that ended the lives of 26 people, including 20 children.
    Today,  thousands gathered in Shelton for the Green Ribbon Ride where motorcyclists took their bikes 30 miles across three towns.
    All the proceeds raised at the event benefitted those most impacted by shooting, including the families of the victims and Newtown’s emergency crews. 
    “It’s about paying tribute to what…the first responders did,” said Fred Garrity Jr., Director of the Green Ribbon Ride.
    For many riders, the event was also about supporting Newtown, a place that’s still reeling from the events of December 14th.
    “It has special meaning, because we have some family that lives in Newtown. They were impacted by it,” said Scott Rose.
    “It’s an awful tragedy,” said Stuart Bezerra.
    Bezerra brought his 11-year-old son, Blake, to the event. He said it was an opportunity to teach him about community involvement.
    “I can be part of it and help my son understand… it’s part of a growing process for him.”
    The bike ride stretched from Shelton to Newtown, and wrapped up in Trumbull.
    Riders said although five months have passed, Newtown is fresh on everyone’s mind, and will never be forgotten.