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Thousands Help Cleanup Hurricane Debris Left Behind

People showed up in droves with rakes and shovels in hand to help the community get back on it's feet after Hurricane Sandy.



    Thousands Help Cleanup Hurricane Debris Left Behind

    An army of volunteers wearing Orange fanned out over Fairfield to help clean up parts of town that were hit so hard by Sandy.

    It was the idea of Katie Boland and tow of her friends. They all grew up in Fairfield and wanted to help. They started a Facebook Group to gather volunteers, mostly friends and family.

    "We honestly only thought we would only have like 50. We never imagined it would be this much," said Orgainzer Katie Boland.

    Volunteers met at the Jennings Beach parking lot to begin cleanup efforts on the beach Sunday.

    "We have over 1,000 people who have come, brought their own shovels, brought their own gloves," said Tony Hwang of Fairfield.

    There is still a long way to go, but Sunday's evet was a huge step forward. Those who saw the worst of Sandy, now seeing the best of everyone around them.

    "We have so much goodness that's going on today. I'm speechless," said Katie Boland.

    Volunteers also collected food for Operation Hope's Food Pantry. That's their way of making sure this day of service carries on for those who continue to need help.