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Thousands Still in the Dark

More than half of the town in Weston is still without power.



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    Downed trees and power lines have trapped people in their homes in Weston since Monday night.

    On Saturday, it was another night in the dark for thousands along the shoreline, especially in the southwest part of the state.

    More than half the Town of Weston was still without power, and it was a tough night in the cold for thousands in freezing temperatures.
    The downed trees and power lines on Katydid Lane in Weston, had trapped people in their homes since Monday night.  “So far it's been pretty bad,” said Jack Ruf. 

    He could not see anything at night without lanterns. “It's so dark…it's so cold,” Ruf explained. 
    The storm destroyed his place.  He had no heat and couldn’t sleep. “I was under two huge down comforters,” Ruf said. 

    The next few nights could only get worse.  More than 2300 in Weston were still without power.  For the first time since the storm, they would have to withstand freezing temperatures. “It's too much,” Ruf added.
    Across town the Storstein’s tried to stay warm.

    “It's been colder and colder and that's been a problem,” Betty Storstein said.  The fireplace had burned here all week but this family couldn’t leave it on overnight.

    “It’s going to be 30’s tonight and 20’s tomorrow night so it's cold,” Storstein added.
    Like many, they weren’t just uncomfortable.  This family was frustrated after living with no electricity for six days, and they needed utility crews to show up.

     “It doesn’t seem to be happening in this area at all, we haven’t seen any truck or any work,” Storstein explained.

    Families might be in the dark until next week.  CL&P said most should have power back by Tuesday night.  Most U-I customers should have power restored by Monday night.