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Three Students Robbed on Trinity Campus



    On Saturday night three students were targeted for their cell phones while they were walking on Vernon and Summit Streets. Trinity College is warning everyone to be alert walking on and off campus and keep cell phones out of plain view. (Published Monday, Sept. 23, 2013)

    Hartford police are keeping a close eye on Trinity College after crooks assaulted three students while they walked through campus Saturday night and stole their cell phones.

    “All the sudden the girls were like, 'They stole our phones. They stole our phones,” said Chris Ragone, a student who was walking on Vernon Street when the two girls were targeted.

    He said he watched the culprits take off and several students run after them.

    “You can see them, chasing them through Vernon Street,” Ragone said.

    Just hours earlier, another victim was robbed and hurt on Summit Street by Mather Hall.

    So far, police have made one arrest and said they believe another culprit is still on the run.

    Students said that Trinity College sent a warning to let them know they needed to be alert both on and off campus, especially at night.

    Many made sure to use caution on Monday.

    “I don't walk anywhere at night. We just came from basketball and I refuse to walk anywhere by myself now,” said Christina Raiti.

    Police also said, if you are walking around or waiting for a campus shuttle, don’t keep your cell phone out because that’s what the thieves are after.

    “I don't text anymore when I walk,” Raiti said.

    There was no telling if the crooks would come back and strike again.

    On Tuesday, Trinity College administrators plan to meet with campus security to discuss the possibility of implementing new safety measures at the school.