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Tips for a Safe Memorial Day Weekend on the Water



    Officials are reminding boaters of safety measures they must take before heading out on the water this Memorial Day weekend. (Published Wednesday, May 21, 2014)

    Stephen Krawczyk just put his boat back in the water at the Milford Yacht Club. After having it winterized during the cold weather, he's now busy getting it ready for the summer.

    “I had to put all the canvass on the top. That wasn't mounted, and of course the boat was absolutely filthy,” said Stephen Krawczyk.

    He’s spent the past few days cleaning it up and getting everything together.

    “These are the instruments that I just put on yesterday: radar, GPS,” he said.

    Matt Iovanna, the Waterfront Manager at the Milford Yacht Club, says he's been seeing many boaters doing the same.

    “There's been a big rush to get boats ready, especially because of the hard winter,” said Iovanna.

    Milford firefighters say as people head out onto the water this holiday weekend, they need to take the proper safety measures.

    “They have to make sure there's some equipment that is necessary to have to be safe. The primary one is a PFD or a personal floatation device, or a life preserver,” said Milford Fire Captain Greg Carman.

    Boaters must have at least one life preserver per person on the boat. It's also important to have a means of communication with the shore, like a marine radio, and it’s important to have flares, in case something happens. You should check your boat before you go out to make sure everything's working properly. That's what Steve Krawczyk says he'll be doing this weekend.

    “The first week or two is just to get everything organized and make sure the boat is running properly. Once that's done we can start running around,” said Krawczyk.