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Torrington Man Accused of Threaten Co-Workers Due in Court

Police say they found several weapons at the suspects home including an illegal assault rifle.



    Torrington Man Accused of Threaten Co-Workers Due in Court
    Robert Zordan, 53, was arrested Wednesday afternoon after he threatened to shoot and kill his co-workers.

    A Torrington man accused of threatening to shoot and kill his co-workers is due in court on Tuesday.

    Farmington police said the incident stemmed from an altercation Robert Zordan, 53, had at his job, at Connecticut Spring and Stamping.

    He became angry and left, and when a friend called to see if he was alright, Zordan allegedly threatened to shoot people at work with one of his guns, according to police.

    Investigators didn’t reveal what might have caused Zordan to make the alleged threat, but when they searched his home in Torrington, they found 16 guns.

    “One of the firearms that we seized ended up being an illegal assault rifle,”Lt. Colin Ryan, of the Farmington Police Department, said.

    News of the alleged workplace threat alarmed many, who were still reeling from the recent school shooting in Newtown.

    “Now, threats are being made … your kids or peoples’ kids are coming in with guns. ... I’s very hard to predict what people can do,” said Gabrielle DeVito.

    “I don’t know if it’s the times, because everything is stressful or people aren’t making the money they need to make to survive…what makes them pop, I don’t know,” said Jeff Knight.

    Connecticut Spring and Stamping wouldn’t comment on the incident.

    Zordan was charged with breach of peace and possession of an assault weapon.