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Torrington Woman arrested for Animal Cruelty



    Torrington Woman arrested for Animal Cruelty
    Tracy Mailhot, 48 was arrested and charged with animal cruelty. Police are looking for home for her cat and bunnies (L to R)

    A Torrington woman is charged with 22 counts of animal cruelty after police made a startling discovery inside her home.

    They just arrested Tracy Mailhot and say she was keeping dozens of animals in deplorable conditions inside her home.

    Torrington Police released pictures of some of the animals they confiscated from a home on Hayden Hill Road.

    They say there were dozens, mostly rabbits, along with chickens, cats, and dogs. Many of them were infested with fleas and matted in feces.

    “If people can't take care of their animals they should just give them up,” said Jason Palmer.

    He lives across the way says he never noticed anything suspicious.

    “We’ve never seen any animals outside and no one’s gone in her house or anything,” Palmer explained.

    Investigators say they made the shocking discovery in April when they showed up at the home to do a welfare check.

    They claim the smell was so horrendous they noticed it before they got to the front door.

    “That's pretty terrible,” Palmer said.

    According to authorities, her pets have been nursed back to health. They are now at a shelter and a local rescue ready for adoption.