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Twins Get a New Family on Adoption Day



    Twins Get a New Family on Adoption Day

    Today is Connecticut Adoption Day and to celebrate, NBC Connecticut was invited to the final proceedings of the adoption of 4 year-old twins, Dalon and Dashawn.

    They met their adoptive mother, Raynetta, in July and have been living together ever since.

    Raynetta said the boys lived in foster care the first few years of their life, but today marks the official start of their family.

    “I don’t think it’s going to change much, but now it’s peace of mind. Now I know they’re going to be two happy little boys and have a changed life forever,” she said.

    This is also the first time a Connecticut Adoption Day has taken place in the Superior Court for Juvenile matters.

    On Oct. 1, a law went into effect that allows legal finalization of adoption to take place there instead of probate court, which is meant to help expedite the process.

    “It allows the process to move seamlessly from whatever proceedings to termination to adoption without having to pick up and stop and pick up in another court,” Joette Katz, commissioner of the state Department of Children and Families said.

    Anyone interested in learning about adoption can call 1-888-KID-HERO or visit the Connecticut Foster Adopt Web site.