Two Connecticut-Namesake Submarines Train in Arctic Circle - NBC Connecticut

Two Connecticut-Namesake Submarines Train in Arctic Circle



    Two U.S. fast-attack submarines that have the Nutmeg State to thank for their names are working together near the top of the world.

    Los Angeles-class fast attack sub USS Hartford and Seawolf-class fast attack sub USS Connecticut both surfaced through the ice in the Arctic Circle on Friday, according to the Department of Defense.

    The submarines are taking part in a five-week maritime Ice Exercise (ICEX) along with the United Kingdom Royal Navy submarine HMS Trenchant in the Arctic Circle north of Alaska.

    The exercise is a way to train crews and test the capabilities of the submarines in extreme cold-water conditions, according to the Pentagon.

    “From a military, geographic, and scientific perspective, the Arctic Ocean is truly unique, and remains one of the most challenging ocean environments on earth,” said Rear Admiral James Pitts, Commodore, Undersea Warfighting Development Center.

    Pitts said taking the subs under the Arctic ice alters the way the vessels operate.

    “We must constantly train together with our submarine units and partners to remain proficient in this hemisphere,” Pitts said. “Having both submarines on the surface is a clear demonstration of our proficiency in the Arctic.”

    Not only do the submarines share Connecticut names, both were also built by Electric Boat in Groton.