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UConn Wants You to Summer at UConn

Summer housing will be half-price.



    UConn Wants You to Summer at UConn

    The cost of college isn’t cheap to begin with. So, for most students who live on campus at UConn, summer classes were out of the question. That is until today, when the university announced that it is cutting summer housing costs in half.

    In addition to the cut in housing costs, the dining fees will be reduced, according to UConn Today.

    Housing rates range from $700 to $3,000, depending on how long the student is enrolled for, and what meal plan the student chooses.

    This doesn’t include the cost of classes, though.

    Summer classes are paid on a per-credit basis and each undergraduate credit costs $336. A typical 3-credit summer course costs $1,053 after additional fees are applied, according to the university’s Web site.

    Last summer, 300 students stayed on campus to take summer classes. Steve Kremer, assistant vice president for student affairs, hopes to double that number this summer.

    “It’s a great incentive for students because many of the classes are notoriously easier,” Grace Jasminski, a sixth semester biology major who frequently takes summer classes, said. “It’s easier for students that don’t live close to one of the other satellite campuses.”

    UConn has six different sessions that run over the summer, beginning in May and ending in August, and most campus activities and services still run during that time.

    Registration for summer classes begins on Feb. 28.