University of New Haven Campuses Ban Smoking, Tobacco

If you’re walking the University of New Haven’s campus, you’ll have to think twice before lighting up that cigarette as of Monday. The campus has now become smoke free.

Every cigarette receptacle on campus was removed yesterday. Now smoking, tobacco and e-cigarettes are prohibited to use on campus. Signs have been posted everywhere on campus saying the University of New Haven is now tobacco free.

“We’ll ask people to politely put out the cigarette that this is a tobacco free institution,” Paula Cappuccia, director of student services, said.

It’s a policy that hopes to ensure a healthy environment for students, faculty and staff to work, live and learn. The University sent out a survey to students and staff last year about the possibility of a smoke-free campus -- overwhelmingly people said that’s what they wanted.

“There are so many people that are not smoking and they get bothered from smokers and the smokers can just go step out and smoke down there,” Said student, Nasser Alkhaldi.

As the university gets used to the rule, smokers will be asked to kindly put the cigarette out. The school plans to use the first year to educate people with pamphlets and signage.

If smokers break the rules, they could face a monetary fine the second year and employees may have to deal with Human Resources. There will also be resources to help students and faculty quit smoking.

“Part of the cessation program will be individual sessions of group sessions so it'll be more of the support to them helping them if they’re ready no to smoke,” Said Cappuccia. Students say they hope the new rule stops littering of cigarette butts.

“The butts and stuff that are on campus… they’re everywhere. So hopefully we’ll see less and less of that and people just respect that we’re a healthy campus now,” student Mercedes Pullin said.

The rules apply for both the West Haven and Orange campuses.