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Utility Workers Still Hard at Work

On Wednesday night crews worked to fix hundreds of downed power lines, but their job was far from over.



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    On Wednesday night, CL&P and U-I reported 380,168 outages combined. Both companies said they planned to announce when all power would be restored on Thursday morning.

    Living with no power was tough for families along the shoreline, especially because several towns had been completely in the dark since Monday. 
    “It’s horrendous, we need power,” said Scott Migdole. He and his family were tired of living in the dark at their home in Westbrook. “We have to use the flashlights to get around…we have no other option,” Migdole added. .
    On Wednesday night crews worked to fix hundreds of downed power lines, but their job was far from over.
    “Here’s our fridge, it’s dark,” Scott Migdole said. 
    “There’s no place in town.There’s no Dunkin Donuts, there’s no place to eat,” Christina Migdole explained. After days of dealing with this, they needed their power back. “No, this is not how we want to be living,” Scott Migdole explained.
    In East Lyme, generators gave some a sense of normalcy, but most were not as fortunate.
    “It’s very tough my husband has had to go out into neighboring towns to get food,” said Joane Olawale.
     She and her family had been uncomfortable without power all week.
    I've taken cold showers my husbands taken cold showers but the kids it's tough,” Olawale added.
    Hot showers were the big draw at the shelter at East Lyme Middle School.
    “I just took a shower I'm feeling human again,” said Amy Bogert. She was one of dozens who showed up to clean up. “It’s like you’re in a suspended life state you cant do what you normally do,” Bogert said.
    She was one of hundreds who wanted this to change. “We look out our window all the time to see a CL&P truck and we haven't seen it yet,” Bogert said.
    CL&P told NBC Connecticut crews would be heavily concentrated on the shoreline throughout Wednesday night and all of Thursday. 
    Again, the companies planned to announce their progress on Thursday morning.