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Police Line Streets to Honor Fallen Trooper



    Police from all over the country were lining the streets of Hartford on Friday to pay final respects for Trooper Kenneth Hall.

    Hall, 57, was killed last week during a motor vehicle stop on Interstate 91 northbound. He was sitting in his parked cruiser in Enfield when a pickup truck smashed into his car. Michael Pajak, 32, of Enfield, was arrested on Thursday night in Vermont and faces charges including manslaughter, assault with a motor vehicle and driving under the influence.

    Police stood shoulder-to-shoulder, creating a line of blue as Trooper Hall was transported to the William A. O'Neill State Armory,  in Hartford, where his funeral is being held.

    Hall's wake was held on Thursday at the Carmon Funeral Home and police from Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, several other states, and even England, came together to pay their respects.

    Andy Sumner, of Essex, England, attended the services. 

    "I work on the traffic department over in Essex as well, and I saw on the news the tragic death of Kenneth, so we’re here for the 9/11 commemoration, but I thought it was important to pay my respects with my friends," he said.

    Michael Bronson, of Rhode Island State Police, made the trip.

    " I’m sure the Connecticut police would support us if we lost one of our own, so it’s a good thing to do, be together during a time like this," he said.

    Col. Thomas Fazio, of New York State Police, said all departments feel a loss when a police officer dies tragically, and this is a way to honor and she respect for Trooper Hall.

    "We all know that at any moment it could end suddenly.  It’s a dangerous profession. You serve the public and unexpectedly, at any moment, it could all end," he said. We all recognize it could be any one of us, so this is a way we pay our respect."

    About 5,000 people were expected for the funeral on Friday. 

    "It is a tragic, great loss to our family and as a first responder it's been pretty touching to me personally to see the outpouring of sympathy from the public," Hall's traffic supervisor, Sgt. John Netkovick. said.

    Trooper Joseph Smigel trained at the police academy with Hall and worked with him in the traffic unit.

    "Kenny was a funny guy. Totally devoted to his family, his pets, loved the sport of hunting whether it was ducks, geese, turkeys. That kid was very active and very well missed," Smigel said.

    Sgt. Byron Rizos is from Massachusetts State Police.

    "We express our condolences to Trooper Hall and his family and the CT State Police," Rizos said.

    Because of the number of people expected for the service, traffic on Broad Street and Capitol Avenue near the Hartford Armory.