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City Steps in to Fix Dismal Conditions at Waterbury Condos

The city of Waterbury has asked a Superior Court judge to compel the company that hold the Bradley Gardens condominiums in receivership to address the multiple code violations at the deteriorating property. (Published Thursday, July 31, 2014)

"For rent" and "for auction" signs outside Bradley Gardens condominiums in Waterbury reveal all is not well in the complex.

Inside some of the apartments and condos, residents report mold and damaged walls, missing emergency lights and gaping holes in the ceilings of common areas.

A tour of one apartment revealed missing ceiling panels and a disconnected toilet, and an in-ground pool at the complex is filled with garbage.

Last week, city government officials went into the Bradley Avenue condo complex to document evidence of neglect and now they're bringing in a judge.

Waterbury Condos in Disrepair

[HAR] Waterbury Condos in Disrepair
The Bradley Gardens condo complex in Waterbury shows evidence of neglect and residents are searching for answers.
(Published Wednesday, July 23, 2014)

"The city of Waterbury is in the process of going to Superior Court to try and bring forth some action on the numerous building code violations, life, safety and fire code violations," Waterbury Chief of Staff Joe Geary said Thursday.

Geary said the city has received countless complaints, and attempts by police and fire officials to take action were unsuccessful.

Now the pressure is on G&W Property Maintenance, the property management company at Bradley Gardens, to make some changes or face the consequences.

"Possibly the management company in place will be removed or certainly they will be subject to fines and penatlies," Geary explained.

Dee Vigeant, a 26-year resident of Bradley Gardens, said she's relieved the city is stepping in.

"I'm elated. I'm so thrilled that they are taking time to pay attention," she said Thursday. Vigeant said last week that the property management company has been "collecting a lot of money every month" and she's never seen it pay off.

The city hopes to make progress on the complex within the next week to 10 days.

G&W Property Maintenance have not returned multiple requests for comment, but has previously blamed conditions at the complex on an unresolved insurance settlement.