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Waterbury Considers Using App That Tracks School Buses



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    The Board of Education in Waterbury will be voting next week on whether to use an app that would allow parents to track school buses in real time.

    Some school districts in the northeast are already using the app, which is called Durham Bus Tracker and parents can access it through a smartphone or computer.

    One of the parents in support of using the app is the mother of a 5-year-old boy who was dropped off two miles from home in September and got home thanks to a police officer who noticed and brought the little boy home.

    “Anything could have happened. He could have (gotten) kidnapped, hit by a car, anything,” Samantha Paneto said.

    Officials from the school district admitted that the app would not have prevented what happened.

    There were some concerns about privacy, but others argued that bus routes are already public information and the information could be good for parents to have.

    If the board of education approves using the app, the schools could start using it in January.