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Westport Businesses Work to Restore After Sandy



    Westport Businesses Work to Restore After Sandy
    This is what it looked like after Hurricane Sandy was finished. The storm rushed water into this store on Main Street in Westport.

    While many homes were ravaged by Hurricane Sandy, many businesses also took a hit. Now, many business owners are assessing the damage and wondering when things will go back to normal.

    Days after the storm hit, Main St. in Westport still had sandbags around some businesses. The storm sent two feet of water rushing into the area.

    "We did prepare, but it wasn't as much preparation as we thought," said Casey Silvestro.

    Silvestro didn't think her store on Main St. would be completely surrounded by water. There was so much water inside the store that it damaged many items.

    Many other stores on Main St. had to get rid of their inventory or close down because of the storm.

    "We're counting our blessings so much....so many people lost so much more than just clothing," added Silvestro.

    Silvestro and her co-workers were mopping up for days.

    "We really got into action and focused on what needed to happen," said Melissa LeMieux.

    The clean-up may take a while. Now, the question is, when will things go back to how they were pre-Sandy.

    "We'd like to run and not walk...I think sooner than later," said LeMieux.

    Many business owners in Westport are also worried about power. Although the flooding has receded, more than 40% of people in the area were in the dark as of Saturday night.